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Boiler Servicing in Burgess Hill

In order for your boiler to operate effectively, at utmost efficiency and to minimise potential Boiler Repairs, regular Boiler Servicing in Burgess Hill is vital. FGR Plumbing & Heating are fully qualified for any type of boiler for instance LPG, oil, gas and more.

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Why is regular servicing important?

Identify & fix problems
The smallest fault on your boiler can cause complications, likely causing you to be without heating or hot water. Carrying out an annual service increases the chance that these faults are picked up before becoming a major issue, which saves you hassle.

Safety checks (including Carbon Monoxide)
Boilers which have not been properly installed, maintained or ventilated can produce carbon monoxide (the silent killer), therefore it’s crucial to ensure your boiler is safety checked routinely.

Reduce heating costs
Our engineers will look for ways to further improve efficiency of your boiler, which will save some costs on energy bills. Equally, any issues identified ahead of time can mean you keep clear of expensive emergency charges.

Maintain Manufacturer Warranty
Boiler warranty is generally tied to regular boiler servicing in Burgess Hill. The major manufacturers also suggest that your boiler is serviced on a regular basis (annually) too. Regardless of what brand your boiler is, you can rest assured that the FGR Plumbing & Heating team can service it – our highly skilled staff are experienced with all leading manufacturers.

When Should I Service My Gas Boiler?

The peak times for people to develop an issue with their heating and boiler is at the end of summer, when people turn on their gas boilers after months of inactivity. In these months, it isn’t uncommon for a gas boiler to develop troubles with clogged or seized parts due to lack of use.

For this reason, it is recommended that you schedule gas boiler servicing in Burgess Hill before the end of summer – between the months of February and October are the most quiet for boiler engineers. Not only are you more likely to get a better service and from an engineer at a time that suits you more this way, it is possible that you might also get a reduced rate out of the peak months